5-6 Year Old Beginners

          Sunbeams 1 (SB1) is the entry point of the MYC® Method for 5-6 year old beginners.  They are first introduced to piano geography and rhythms through our MYC Critters to help set their foundation of music knowledge and education; however, the pace of learning for these Sunbeams matches their developmental stages.  Vocabulary development is the focus for this age group- at this stage we introduce “big kid” terminology to introduce concepts, finger numbers, and keyboard geography.


  • Identification and development of keys and rhythm through MYC’s unique keyboard ‘critters’

  • off-the-staff reading for contour and patterns

  • steady beat experiences

  • on-the-staff (pitch) reading in treble clef and bass clef

  • Grand staff reading (treble and bass clef)

  • listening to identify and use dynamics (loud and quiet sounds)

  • listening to a rhythm pattern and writing it using rhythm writing tools.

  • coordination of LH and RH

  • scale playing with harmonizing bridge chords in C major, a minor and G major.

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