Studio Policy 2020-2021

COVID RESPONSE - Covid-19 brought about changes for our studio in the Spring '20. Allegro Music Studio will closely follow the guidelines set out by Alberta Health Services. Here are some changes you may notice in the studio:

1) Smaller class sizes to allow for 2 meters distance between music partner groups.

2) Each student will receive a bin with their supplies for that class (rhythm instrument, crayons, pencil, game pieces, etc.) These won't be shared between students and will be properly sanitized between classes

3) Piano and keyboards will be sanitized between classes.

4) Hand washing with soap and water before class is required. Hand sanitizer will also be made available in the classroom.

5) Please check your child's temperature before attending weekly classes, if they have the following symptoms it would be best to attend online that week:

- Fever, runny nose, sore throat, cough

6) If someone in the studio tests positive for Covid, we would move that class online until the self-isolation requirements are met. 



If you or your child are unable to attend classes because of illness there will be an option to attend class online for that week. Notice must be given ahead of time so that I can set up a Zoom link for you to use. You will then be able to watch and participate with the class from home for that week.

ANNUAL SCHEDULE – (subject to change)

Teaching weeks start on Saturday.

Christmas Recital: Fri, Dec 18, 2021 

Christmas Break: Studio closed from Dec 19 - Jan 8. Lessons resume Jan 9th

Spring Break: No classes Mar 29- Apr 3. Lessons resume April 5th

Spring Recital: May 23rd (time and location TBA – last “lesson” of the year)


HOLIDAY WEEKENDS – Lessons will be held on all holiday Mondays.  Please make every effort to attend your lesson.  If you choose not to attend, you will still be charged for that week. Our classes are numbered and therefore we must keep all classes on the same weekly lesson.

ARRIVE EARLY – plan to arrive 5 minutes “BEFORE” the start of your lesson. Please be very aware that we are in a neighborhood and would like to be respectful of our neighbors.  Entrance to the studio is clearly marked at the back of the house. No need to knock, just come on in and head down the stairs into the studio. Shoes and coats should be left in the entrance. When you arrive, take the time to wash your hands (parent partners as well!) and copy your homework for the week.


PARKING - The driveway to the studio is a shared driveway. Parking is available on the street and you can use the adjacent driveway to get in and out of your parking space using parallel parking. All other suggested parking spots are marked on the map. If needed, you can park on 52st and it's a short walk around the corner to the studio.

PAYMENT – There are several options for payment. Recurring payments are available, the form can be signed at the first lesson. Post-dated cheques for the entire year dated for the 1st or 15th can also be used. Please write 10 cheques to Sarah Hamilton for the monthly amount from Sept-June. Entire year can also be paid at the first lesson using Debit, Cheque or Credit Card (2.5% fee applies). There is a 5% discount on the year if paid at once. Please bring post-dated cheques to the first lesson if you are using this method.


NSF – There is a $25.00 charge for any returned cheque or payment.


BOOK PURCHASES – Initial registration fee covers the cost of books. If any additional books are required, you will be notified of the requirement. You will receive an invoice and ask that you please make payment at your next lesson.


MISSED LESSONS – Group lessons require a strong commitment to attend. Missing more than one week of lessons will set your child back significantly in the class. If you must miss a lesson, contact the studio and a lesson plan can be emailed to you so you can continue practicing for the week. You will be charged for all missed lessons.  Please notify me of any absences by texting or leaving a message on my cell (780-904-9470) or email me at


PRACTICE TIME – Learning music is fun, but it is a ‘skill’ that does require daily practice.  For Sunshine and Sunbeam students in the first couple weeks of lessons you will find that it only takes 5-10 mins of practice a day to go through all the material for the week. That’s ok! Taking time to do rhythm stories together, coloring the pictures in your book or using the tin sheet can also be part of your practice time. Students in Moonbeams should work towards practicing for at least 20-25 mins, 5 days a week. Any time above this will be to your advantage and your progress will be greater.  Anything less and you will be disappointed in the lack of progress.  Some families find it better to split this into two segments each day – perhaps a morning and an evening.  Don’t make practice time a chore – make it fun! There will be regular practicing incentives throughout the year too!


ALLERGIES – Please keep the music room as fragrance free as possible.  


CELL PHONES – Turn them off during class time! This is a screen-free hour to spend with your child. This is NOT the time to read or send emails, text, or play games during our class time. Please give your child your full attention. NO DISTRACTED PARTNERING!


BAD WEATHER – Unless weather totally prohibits a teacher from getting to the studio, we will always be there.  However, if you feel the weather is too cold or blustery for you and your child to be out in, then please stay home and stay safe.  Music class is not a necessity that week.


SIBLINGS – It is against MYC policy to have unregistered siblings sit in a class. Do your best not to bring other children to the music studio. If siblings come to the studio, they are to sit quietly in the reception area. Please bring things to keep them occupied (no loud toys). If they are too noisy they will be asked to quiet down.


ADULT MUSIC PARTNERS – The adult who will be practicing daily with the student MUST attend each class. IF you are unable to attend occasionally please have another adult come that week. Students cannot attend group lessons without an adult partner.


WITHDRAWAL POLICY – This is a 36 week commitment.  Once a student has started their lessons, they are expected to complete the full year. Therefore, if you do decide to withdraw, as in other activities such as hockey, dance, gymnastics, etc., you will be required to pay for the entire remaining balance of the full tuition.  Sometimes ‘extenuating’ circumstances (such as relocation and prolonged illness) can occur and if they do, please speak to me and a reduced penalty ‘may’ be assessed. LEVEL ONE students only: If after 2 months we discover that a student is just not ready for music, there is a withdrawal fee of 3 more months. The recurring payment agreement will then be cancelled or cheques returned for the remaining 5 months.